Year Agency Role Description Amount (in USD)
2022-2027 DOE Deputy Director Sparsitute $14,000,000
2020-2024 DOE co-PI Advances in Machine Learning to Improve Scientific Discovery at Exascale and Beyond (ASCEND) $4,800,000
2019-2023 DOE co-PI Exalearn : Exascale Machine Learning Technologies $3,000,000
2017-19 DOE-LDRD PI Scalable Non-linear Unmixing with Physical Constraints for Scientific Data $900,000
2017-19 DOE-LDRD co-PI Accelerating end-to-end prediction of physical phenomena by interleaving analytics with multiscale simulations on Exascale architectures $600,000
2016-19 NSF Ext Collab High Performance Low Rank Approximation for Scalable Data Analytics $900,000
2016-17 DOE-LDRD PI Mini-Apps for Data-Intensive Discovery on Big Data Architectures $460,000
2016-17 DOE-SEED PI Scalable Dimensionality Reduction for Non-negative Higher Order Tensors $190,000
2016 NSF   Travel Grant for PPoPP $1,500

Organizing Committees

Program Committees

KDD’2015, CIKM’2015, ICDM’2015, KDD’2016, ICML’2017, KDD’2018, KDD’2019, SC’2019, KDD’2020, SC’2021, SC’2022, SC’2023, ICML’2023, SC’2024, AAAI’2024, IPDPS’2024

Journal Reviewer

TKDE, TPAMI, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, DAMI, JMLC, ESWA, TKDD, Entropy, Interfaces, KAIS, Information Sciences, JBHI

Honor and Awards

Media Coverage

Invited Talks

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